I’ve been working on a post all week about Ferguson, Missouri, and the events that have happened there. I’ve started it at least 3 times, but it’s never felt right.

Part of it is that…I’m white. I’m whiter than Riverdance. And though I do believe that the injustice, the blatant racism, and the disproportionately violent response by the police – these are all American problems. Deep, deep problems that affect anyone of any color in the USA, and thus my pale and pasty reactions and thoughts on the matter are still valid.

And yet.

I really feel like white people have been heard on this. I feel like our perspective has been represented. This is another situation in which one of the best things I can do, as a citizen and human watching this all happen, is to listen. Just listen and try to empathize.

There’s a piece I’ve read that spoke to me as a parent, called “Dear White Moms”

But as important as it is to listen, I can’t watch everything happen, hear and read the reports and just go back to business as usual. There may not be police in military vehicles on my streets, but to think that anything will be the same in this country is naive at best.

I  have to do something. We all have to do something. Here’s a place to start.

Don’t stand by. This matters. This will not go away.


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