Don’t Be A Stranger




It’s been a while. A while it’s been. Christmas? New Years? Yup. Good, too. Yup.

Aaaaaand we’re out of things to talk about.

See, starting a blog with an apology for not blogging recently is just so…done. It’s like starting your rap with “My name is _____ and I’m here to say.” Can’t we aspire to more?

So in protest, I’ve decided to open my blog with a bit of homespun wisdom, maybe:

“A cold Minnesotan’s a lot like a slow movin cow with a goat on his back: nobody’s really that impressed and the cow only has its own decisions to blame.”


I realized, over the 4 days sine I wrote the first part of this update that it’s been almost a month since I’ve written here. I’ve kept busy elsewhere – I’ve got a bunch of posts up on Cooper & Kid, and I did a piece for Minnesota Playlist about being overwhelmed by work and family and the holidays. It took forever to do even this, since I was overwhelmed by work and family and the holidays.

My writing muscles, I find, have gone soft. My gluteus vocabulus, once toned and firm now softly sag like warm brie or a Walmart shopper.

A debt is owed, I realize. In the next two weeks I swear by Choo Choo Bob and Play Doh that I’ll catch up on back posts and get the new year rolling.

If you’d like to learn more about being overwhelmed by work, family and the holidays, please feel free to read my whine here.


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