Grazie, Mille Grazie

I generally avoid these kinds of things, or forget that it’s Thanksgiving, but this year I managed to see it coming. And I have some other projects I’m juggling. So if you’ll indulge me in my gratitude….

I’m thankful for 8pm

I’m thankful for the brave Brits who upload Peppa Pig, and Charlie & Lola to YouTube in defiance of international copywright law. Yea verily, they are modern day Robin Hoods.

I’m thankful for truffles in cheese, peanut butter in ice cream, and coffee in coffee.

I’m thankful that Rap Metal is dead.

I’m thankful to whoever makes sure those wooden tracks and toy trains are all the same size and can connect even though you bought some at a garage sale and some at ikea.

I’m thankful that William Shatner made another album

I’m thankful that I don’t have oozing conjunctivitis or live in Arkansas.

I’m thankful for my lack of felony charges.

I’m thankful that people in Minneapolis pay to see live theater.

I’m thankful for barley and hops and yeast and water and grumpy guys with beards who knew they could do better than Michelob

I’m thankful I don’t know any cannibals because I bet I’m delicious.

I’m thankful for the careers of Mick Foley and Benedict Cumberbatch.

I’m thankful for my lover, my lady, my Baby Mama.

And I’m thankful you’re still reading this.


You’re all wonderful. Don’t ever change.


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One response to “Grazie, Mille Grazie

  1. Have you heard the new Rap Metal sensation, Oozing Conjunctivitis?? They bees the sheeznees.

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