Plugs of the Shameless Variety

As if anyone who’s ever been covered in urine has any shame left.

So I have a blog. You know this because you are reading my blog.

But now I have another blog. Like, a professional blog. Professional as in money.

I am paid to blog. Looks like my imaginary punk band, Weapons Grade Meconium , will have to break up, as I have officially sold out.

The thing about selling out is, you can buy things.

It’s a site for dads, mainly dads of the new school – active, involved, the baby-wearing, Dr. Sears, attachment parenting set. The kind of dads who read dad blogs.

They have an online magazine called Catch, which I’ll be writing for. There’s 8 of us doing weekly posts on various fatherhood-related topics: dads & fitness, play, outdoor stuff, fatherhood throught history, and fatherhood & cooking. Which is me, my blog is titled “First, Get The Pancake”

And as long as I’m being shameless, I get a little bonus anytime somebody comments on my posts. So, you know, help a brother out.

Until next time, I remain commoditized and loving it.


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2 responses to “Plugs of the Shameless Variety

  1. Congrats, friend. Sounds like a great gig. I hope it works out for you all. I really enjoy your writing, so I’m sure it will.

  2. Thanks, Papa! It would be nice if it works out. With all that newfound wealth I could finally be able to select from among the highest quality of government assistance programs!

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