Don’t Believe The Hype

Ahem…Facebook trading publicly. The Phantom Menace. Aaaaaaand….Swine Flu.

Name 3 things that were dramatically anti-climactic.

It comes as a surprise to no one, I would guess, but my ownself, that the first day of pre school was a non event. Little Man was a champ. To paraphrase Julius Ceasar, “He came. He played. He rocked it”

Sage, veteran, experienced parents of four year olds (and up) all advised that we’d be the ones doing the adjusting, not him. And so it went. Emotions ran a bit high in the over-three-years set that morning, but for no good reason and to no good purpose.

Now, the second day saw a little more of the drama I dreaded on the first, but the giant tub of trains in the corner was discovered and the clouds parted and birds did sing.

So we’re good now, right? Pre school? I think we’ve pretty much got that in the can. I’m now free to shift all my ambient parental anxieties towards the next major hurdle – paying for college. Nothing much happens until then anyway.


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