Auld Lang Syne, with an emphasis on the Auld

36 minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve 2012.

Suck it, Mayans.

So here I am, toddlers in bed, strong beer in glass, Ray Price in ear buds and due some bloggatry.

I know it’s cliché, but I thought it would be interesting to do a “Top 10” Fatherhood moments of 2012, partly to focus on something positive after the last couple of posts, and because I like being somewhat topical, and partly because I don’t have anything else ready to go.

So, my Top 10 Fatherhood Moments of 2012


Well there was…ummm…

I got nothing. I have some general achievements, but they don’t boil down to moments, really: maintaining the few friends I don’t work with often. Maintaining the friends I work with often, in spite of hygiene and a marked lack of conversation topics unrelated to my kid. Landing the lady I did still counts as an achievement, probably more so.

Maybe it’s different as the kid gets older, but unless you’ve saved your kid from a honey badger, or done some crazy acrobatic one-handed diaper change, Fatherhood of a 2-year-old does not lend itself to those annual-review-type bullet points. Fatherhood’s a grind. It’s repetitive tasks and constant vigilance that only pay off much later. Like painting fences and waxing cars, day in day out, until you realize you just Crane-Kicked Cobra Kai into second place.

Keep up the grind, poppas. Keep opening the jars and carrying the bags and warming up the car, and know that however mundane and thankless the job is, there’s not a single other person in the world who can do this. It must be you. Look into the kid’s eyes and tell me I’m wrong.

Well, make some coffee first, then look into their eyes.

Happy New Year.

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