The Journey of a Million Miles Starts With A Fight About Getting A Diaper On.

It’s a process, really.

Potty training, moving to solid foods, putting on a shirt, not eating that thing under the couch – these are not mere points on a daily timeline. They require notification, negotiation, periods of adjustment, re-negotiation and at long, long last, resolution. And then reflection. And maybe some discussion over bananas and yogurt.

And so it is with blogging. I’ve been remiss in recent months about regular posting and I want to get back to weekly postings – I’m trying hard to make this thing work. Like a two year old with an ipod.

I spent most of my mojo last week writing a piece for MN Playlist (an online trade mag for theater and dance in Minnesota). If you’re keen on such things as Catharsis, Patrick Swayze, and Bach, please feel free to follow the linkage!

So in lieu of a real post, I’m linking to a PSA video for a cause I deeply believe in. I hope it helps you come to some important decisions about how you raise your child.

A very special message for the whole family.


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