Two There Are, a Master and an Apprentice

I’ve written before about all the scintillating curriculum I have prepared for the little dude when he comes of age. I’ve started making my “Know your Sith Lords” flashcards (Bane is insane, and Tenebrous is no friend of us), I’m close to deciding whether to start him on nunchucks or the blowgun for a first weapon, and my compendium of video game cheat codes has been awaiting a worthy successor for many moons.

But one thing I’ve noticed this past year and a half, is that as much as the dude’s learning – and he’s taking in info faster than Hannibal Lecter with a cybernetic implant – very little, if any of it is coming from formal instruction from Sensei Papa.

No, if anything, it’s been a 19 month intensive course for me. I’m like Caine in Kung Fu, except instead of snatching pebbles from my master’s hand, I’m snatching breakable objects before they’re dropped/eaten/smeared with yogurt

So as a sort of thesis presentation, I thought I’d share some of the lessons I’ve learned thus far:

– Urine is the least of your problems.

– The necessity of sleep for adequate brain function has been wildly exacerbated…execrated…what’s that word?

– Cleaning, once to be avoided, is now a thing to be dreamt of lustily.

– I’m old.

– Balloons are awesome.

– Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, everybody likes orange galoshes with monkeys on them.

– You can do more things one handed than you ever thought possible.

-You are both vastly more important and vastly more irrelevant than you thought you were.

– Nap early. Nap often.

– Decades ago, somebody did all this same stuff for you (but probably didn’t blog about it).

– Your capacity for love and delight is utterly, completely beyond measure.


Consider me schooled.

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