Pants Free for You and Me

I just had to share this.

One of my fatherly comic routines has been, whenever I change pants in front of the little dude, I exclaim “No Pants Papa!” and then loudly express shock and dismay at the state of things, the institutions that failed to prevent this, the lack of adequate management, the quality of the establishment that would tolerate such behavior, etc. I do this because I am so very, very funny.

This usually would get a grin, maybe a giggle, but lately he’s been beating me to the punch – before I can say anything his little arms go up in tiny indignation and he lets out a squawk of mock dismay.

And then it went a step further. Today, after we both railed against outrageous fortune, as I proceeded to try to put my pants on again, he wobbled over and yanked them off. I pulled them up again. He yanked them down, threw up his hands and declaimed. This went on for 5 minutes.

Here’s where you’d expect me to lay out some lesson about modeling good behavior, and creating a monster, but I think it’s awesome. Pants falling down = comic gold.


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