Primal Urges of the Deep Subconscious

Fatherhood can awaken many things in a man.

We, as a gender, possess faculties of focus and drive needed for the hunt. Granted, we lose at multitasking and general hygiene, but nonetheless…

As single-minded as we can be, though, there still come those pulls. Those unexplained, unexplainable urges, triggered by any number of things (99% of which is women), that demand immediate fulfillment. Having a kid must be like the PMS of the adult male. Your other drives are still present, but become diminished, your adolescent, aggressive need for status and recognition give way to longer term desires, like next week’s grocery list, or mutual funds. Your basic, rat-brain daily hunger to get laid and have cool stuff are usurped by more higher-order, Chimpanzee-brain hungers to found a dynasty and have cool stuff.

I have to tell you, the weirdest urge for me so far is to watch the superbowl.

Lemme back up.

I’ve never had the patience to watch sports. I like to play, Or at least I did back when I did, but sitting and watching faceless behemoths advance and retreat by 3-foot increments for 2-4 hours is beyond me. The statistics, the numbers…who has the time or the mental real estate to devote to this? And I have tried. Actively. Since 2nd grade I’ve tried to cultivate an interest, find an angle, if for no other reason than to be able to talk to all these other dudes about it.

But today, for some unexplained reason, I had this subtle, yet persistant urge to find somewhere to sit and drink beer, and watch the superbowl.

What the hell is happening to me?

If you’ll all excuse me, I’m going to look at websites about building your own lightsaber, and then go do some math while listening to the Decemberists.


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